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Hi! I'm Kit-Tena (Kit) Ferguson, a loving and dedicated wife and mom first. Raising five children to include four daughters is work! However, as a Life Coach, Writer, and Community Activist whose works connect me with women all over the world, I aim to show women what it means to surpass your potential. I reside in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, the city of arts and innovation, where I serve as president and founder of Nu Archer Productions Inc.. NUAP is a non-profit production company which through the power of film, is dedicated to igniting personal and social change by boldly addressing the marginalization of women of color and minorities. The empowerment of women is my special life long mission! 

"Strategically positioning our daughters for greatness is about tapping into their unlimited personal potential to a live a life full of purpose and serving the greater good. Like the queen on a chess board, with her mobility and multiple dynamics, making her the strongest piece in the game, our daughters should be viewed the same. It is the positioning that makes her powerful. For our daughters, the "positioning" is all in the "raising."

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